The s in Australia, as in other industrialised nations, were years of rapid economic and industrial change. They were characterised by the combined impact. John Paul II, The encyclical Laborem Exercens was written by Pope John Paul II in to celebrate 90 years since the publication of. Issued by Pope John Paul II on the ninetieth anniversary of Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum, Laborem Exercens expands and reshapes the corpus of.

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This gigantic and powerful instrument-the whole collection of means of production that in a sense are considered synonymous with “capital”- is the result of work and bears the signs of human labour. In this consists its social power: Recently, national communities and international organizations have turned their attention to another question connected with work, one full of implications: Work constitutes a foundation for the formation of family life, which is a natural right and something that man is called to.

Both kinds of goods become accessible to the worker through the wage which he receives as remuneration for his work. The encyclical identifies a potential threat by reductionist perspectives in the economic world that view labour as simply a means of production. One of the main points made there is that the very breadth of that definition raises to the same level all the forms of human work by which people participate in fulfilling the role of dominion.

In this area much depends on just legislation, in particular with regard to the rights of workers. The concept can perhaps be better understood by means of a quotation from Pius XI.

Catholic Social Teaching: John Paul II, Laborem Exercens

In Laborem exercensJohn Paul set forth the following basic priorities as a framework for discussing issues of labor, capital, and property ownership:. There I shall recommend as optional reading a very good article that takes up issues studied in this unit. These new conditions and demands will require a reordering and dummary of the structures of the modern economy and of the distribution of work.

Kaborem these rights there should never be overlooked the right to a working environment and to manufacturing processes which are not harmful to the workers’ physical health or to their moral integrity.

John Paul recognized technology as a great benefit, provided it is regarded lbaorem a tool and not as a master. Praise is due to the work of the schools, what are known as workers’ or people’s universities and the training programmes and courses which have developed and are still developing this field of activity.


One method used by unions in pursuing the just rights of their members is the strike or work stoppage, as a kind of ultimatum to the competent bodies, especially the employers. If the words of the Book of Genesis to which we refer in this analysis exerccens ours speak of work in the objective sense in an indirect way, they also speak only indirectly of the subject of work; but what they say is very eloquent and is full of great significance.

We assure that, contrary to lies spreading in your countries, we are a genuine, million-strong employee organisation set up as a result of worker strikers.

It is familiar not only to agricultural workers, who spend long days working the land, which sometimes “bears thorns and thistles” 17but also to those sumkary work in mines and quarries, to steel-workers at their blast-furnaces, to those who work in builders’ yards and in construction work, often in danger of injury or death.

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Nevertheless, the danger of treating work fxercens a special kind of “merchandise”, or as an impersonal “force” needed for production the expression “workforce” is in fact in common use always exists, especially when the whole way of looking at the question of economics is marked by the premises of materialistic economism.

Just efforts to secure the rights of workers who are united by the same profession should always take into account the limitations imposed dummary the general economic situation of the country.

Laborem exercens Sollicitudo rei socialis Centesimus annus Evangelium vitae. Careful attention must be devoted to the physical and psychological working conditions of disabled people-as for all workers-to their just remuneration, to the possibility of their promotion, and to the elimination of various obstacles.

Influence in this direction should be exercised by all the International Organizations whose concern it is, beginning with the United Nations Organization. Catholic social teaching does not hold that unions are no more than a reflection of the “class” structure of society and that they are a mouthpiece for a class struggle which inevitably governs social life.

In every system, regardless of the fundamental relationships within summmary between skmmary and labour, wages, that is to say remuneration for work, are still a practical means whereby the vast majority of people sumkary have access to those goods which are intended for common use: Pope John Paul II.

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Laborem Exercens

In general the latter process demonstrates that labour and what we are accustomed to call capital are intermingled; it shows that they are inseparably linked. Georgetown University Press, Washington, D. The world of agriculture, which provides society with the goods it needs for its daily sustenance, is of fundamental importance.

Through this conclusion one rightly comes to recognize the pre-eminence of the subjective meaning of work over the objective one. If, however, the business does not make enough money to pay the workman a just wage, either because it is overwhelmed with unjust burdens, or because it is compelled to sell its products at an unjustly low price, those who thus injure it are guilty of summqry wrong; for it is they who deprive the workingmen of the just wage, and force them to accept lower terms.

This critique ignited public discussion in both the seemingly unbounded marketplace of capitalism and in the controlled economies influenced by Marxist thought. It was signed on September 14, feast of the Holy Cross. Indirect employers are other persons, groups and structures that affect or constrain the direct employer. Kaborem a moment you are asked to do a short reading by Patricia Lamoureux which both gives a brief critical assessment of LE and summarizes a range of reaction to it.

Laborem Exercens (14 September ) | John Paul II

The principle of respect for work demands that this right should undergo a constructive revision, both in theory and in practice. Rather, they are a necessary type of organization, especially in modern industrialized societies no.

exercems Nevertheless, these two aspects of work are linked to one another and are mutually complementary in various points. In industry and agriculture man’s work has today in many cases ceased to be mainly manual, for the toil of human hands and muscles is aided by more and more highly perfected machinery.

In it man is the master of the creatures placed at his disposal in the visible world.