“Every freedom-loving creature on the planet absolutely MUST read >this remarkable book . For a modest $15, we should all give a >copy to everyone we love. Grant’s Speech from The Iron Web, read by the author, Larken Rose. Buy the book The Iron Web by Larken Rose. Larken Rose’s web site. The Greatest Speech Ever – Grants Speech from The Iron Web by Larken Rose. By James Cox on September 1, in Books, Featured, Government.

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The Iron Web is a philosophical argument doubling as a thriller.

The Iron Web by Larken Rose

And the leader of the gang, dispensing his supposedly unmatched, incisive, libertarian wisdom to the naive, confused womana la John Galt’s droning lecture in Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”doesn’t make for a great story. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Her rescuers are the terrorists!

Quotes from The Iron Web. The humanity in this is massive, and the author’s heart for peace is evident in the clear and undiluted portrayal of the realities of government deception, war, and surrendering our choices to merely ‘order-following’ other human beings who send orders to kill You know all this, and yet you still speak as if you are the ones who are the stupid, vicious animals, while the politicians are the great, wise role models, teachers, and leaders, without whom civilization could not exist.

Ian Cattanach rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Where fiction now meets reality is the evolving of a real Iron Web that he created in the fictional situation in his book. The damage done to society by bad habits and loose morality is nothing compared to the damage done to society by the self-righteous violence committed in the name of the state. Well, some of us are finished with trying to save you. BRILLIANT, non-preachy, any-age-appropriate from about 7th grade reading level and up, and yet clearly displays some profound truths in ways that many people in our modern day might find abrupt and yet challenging to their worldview.


The Greatest Speech Ever – Grants Speech from The Iron Web by Larken Rose

The ‘leader’ of the Iron Web community, and Rose himself, urges those who believe in self-ownership to practice what they preach, and own up to the responsibility that comes with that ownership: An excellent book for anyone interested in learning more about anarchy. You clamor for the state to tear other people down, steal their property, and give it to you.

If you want to know the symbolism behind it you will have to get the book from Larken and I suggest you get at least a four-pack because you will want to give some away to friends.

Not the violence of the ATF’s campaign against the Iron Web, its pushing them further and further into the woods, burning their homes and shooting them down one by one. John Meagher rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Poorly-crafted characters; implausible situations and plot developments; ifon I got half-way through, and put it down.

Throughout history, the perpetual suffering and injustice, occurring on an incomprehensible tbe was all because of people just like you: Arto Bendiken rated it really liked it Dec 16, But that is a lie.

You old folks want the government to steal from your kids so you can get your monthly check.

Lists with This Book. A rookie federal officer finds himself face to face with the terrorists. You tell yourself that, had you lived in those other places in those other times, you would have been among those who stood up against oppression and defended the downtrodden.

Two weeks later I read it again, to Revolutionary!

The Iron Web by Larken RoseThe Magic of Life | The Magic of Life

Nothing can make a man into a rightful master; nothing can make a man into a rightful slave. Another viewpoint character named Betsy, an executive assistant attached to a senator about to be inaugurated as president, offers still more room for tension: Other reviewers called it a page turner and I certainly agree.

You see the cop as a good ros when he drags a man away from his friends and family and throws him in prison for ten years for smoking a leaf, and you see anyone who defends himself from such barbaric fascism as the lowest form of life—a cop-killer.


But the frauds who claim the right to rule you, and demand your subservience and obedience, they deserve only your scorn thf contempt. The difference between you and the street thug is that the thug is open about the violence he commits, while you let others forcibly control your parken on your behalf. Published first published March 18th Keith Baker rated it really liked it Jan 28, She’s not the only one wwb for a surprise, however: He won on a campaign of fighting terrorism at home, but his plans for the future involve the effective abolition of free speech.

Out of one side of your mouths, you condemn the evils of fascism and socialism, and lament the injustices of the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, while out of the other side of your mouths you preach exactly what they did: Some of them are even pacifists!

The Iron Web by Larken Rose

No trivia or quizzes yet. Because that is exactly what you are doing today. You are not Jews. Larken Rose is an intelligent and thoughtful writer that I admire for his philosophical and political views but as is often the case with an author that writes a work of fiction to endorse a cause, he falls into the trap of inorganically “explaining” through his characters rather than “showing” and the final product ends up less than realistic and less than interesting.

Displaying this symbol here signals that I consider myself a member of the Iron Web and — maybe I am making history — could it be that a commercial web site I am involved in — ThaiDye.

American libertarian and tax protestor.