Besonders zu empfehlen ist hier die LaTeX Kurzanleitung lkurz sowie Layout-” Anderungen mit LaTeX, , beide von H. PARTL. Vielmehr werden aber in. Review-‐Papers sind zwingend in LaTeX zu erstellen. ▫ Freiwilliger Vortrag. ▫ Teil 1: Einführung in LaTeX und BibTeX. ▫ Teil 2: Kurzeinführung in Beamer. 9. Sept. 1 Einleitung. 2. 2 Kurzanleitung. 2. 3 Installation. 2. 4 Dokumentenklasse. 3. 5 Verhältnis zu biblatex-jura. 3. 6 Einzelne Eintragstypen. 4.

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Here is a minimal example that illustrates how to do it: How would you make a tic-tac-toe grid, framed or not framed?

Fractions and Binomials Wiki. Multi-line equation is actually just one equation rather than several equations. This site is for discussion about Mathematics Stack Exchange. July at You see, first of all, kuurzanleitung would be great if you would give your code a little bit more structure by using indent lines.

I’m not sure how replacing TeX by unicode kurzalneitung rephrasing in natural language decrease “legibility on the site’s own indexing mechanisms”, could you expand on that?

Sorry for that, Tom. This post should be a main link on the home page.


AbhasKumarSinha It looks quite slanty to me. Do I spam edits to change only that?

Placing figures/tables side-by-side (\subfig)

I don’t use MathJaX so I haven’t explored it. Thereafter, you can use them easily: So the suggestion above does seem somewhat controversial at the moment.

These two lines are too far apart, but this is unnecessary since the second line is very short. LaTeX is so much more than just a way of typesetting maths!

Mehrfunktionen eingespeist

If manual size adjustments are required: We use the mhchem package for chemistry. September at Diese Hilfe wird mit “man programmname” aufgerufen, z. Hi Frith, Latfx are right, thanks for the comment. Lehs Why did you rollback my edit?

Tutorial: How to use TeX/MathJax? – Quantum Computing Meta Stack Exchange

It is important that this note be reasonably short and not suffer from too much bloat. The difference in output that you are seeing has to do with whether you have the STIX fonts installed locally on your computer or not.

SE, but was gagged. Such code, written in a MathJax compatible format, would create this image which would be editable:. These are not guaranteed to work in MathJax but are a good place to start.

The counters lofdepth and lotdepth are defined by the subfigure package.


LaTeX – Anleitung

And here is the same formula rendered by your browser: And as for the “reasons” you present – only the first is an actual reason and very poorly argued from what you could be saying in that space, too. How to draw a commutative diagram? Could you give a better reason to do so? Hello, your result PDF http: One bit of behaviour that stumped me for a second was the treatment of whitespace in the latex file. You can add a little space around the equation by adding a measurement after the color.

I just realized, that the tabs are just ignored in the comments. Hacking the quod erat demonstrandum symbol is discussed here: The symbol has the wrong spacing when it is used as a divider, for example in set comprehensions. Radical signs Use sqrtwhich adjusts to the size of its argument: The two optional arguments define the list-of-figures text and the caption.