Select a Clinic. Pick at least one of the criteria for selecting clinics. Click the Cal link for a pop-up calendar. State/Province: State/Province, Alabama, Alaska. Laura Stamm’s Power Skating presents the techniques and drills that Laura Stamm has used to train some of the top professional teams and players. With more. **Register using the ticket link** Monday – Wednesday JULY 17th – 19th, Clinic Price: $ Group A: pm, Group B: pm. Group A: Ages .

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She had diagrams in her book where she broke it down to a science. When they came off the ice, she quizzed them about skating.

Laura Stamm Power Skating Clinic

Steve MacSwain remembers how Stamm taught him to use his whole body when skating. As a result, she never ran into barriers.

Stamm is a power-skating instructor who has helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of hockey players become better skaters. It wasn’t like someone had to teach him how to skate,” he said.

Though she grew up in New York, she’s as comfortable at Westchester Lagoon as she is in Westchester County — maybe oower so. Laura Stamm offers laurz training for hockey skating and has worked with players in the NHL, minor leagues, college, on down to 8-year-olds since I would ask them, ‘Why don’t you zigzag?


When I see ztamm skating around with their sticks waving in the air, I think, ‘Why are they doing that? It’s about the ABCs of ice skating and hockey. Register for US Clinics. When you talk about U. It’s not all about power, she said. We also expect our players to practice what they have learned between clinics. Placing them on a tread mill and speeding it up or towing them down the ice with a bungee cord will teach the players to move their feet faster and could lead to some increase in speed, but if you teach them how to skate more effectively and efficiently you can also increase their speed.

There, she realized that even though the kids played hockey, many didn’t skate well. The online reviews from coaches and skaters are almost all raves.

Power Skating Schools in US – Laura Stamm Power Skating

You were in awe of her,” he said. Just as the Pros routinely practice the basics, so should your player. If you notice the All Star AA test is the first test to require the player to do the skating techniques with the puck! Contests Creative Writing Contest. Stamm, who is in her 70s, is known throughout the hockey world for developing a teaching system that helped revolutionize the sport. Stamm didn’t invent the phrase “power skating. But by her own account, she didn’t become atamm good teacher until she put her skills on ice.


Johnson said he first heard about Stamm when he was playing peewee and squirt hockey in the s.

An innovator on ice, Laura Stamm wrote the book on power skating – Anchorage Daily News

Share on Google Plus. Arts and Entertainment Books. I don’t know how Boeke felt about all those marks she left, but Skatijg love the woman to death. I had a brilliant teacher and he taught me everything I know about skating, but it was figure skating. MacSwain calls her the master of the art of skating. They told me the wrong room.

The result boosted both of their careers. Stamm was already a teacher when she started working with the New York Rangers. Laura Stamm skates at Westchester Lagoon on a sunny Sunday last month. We do this by having the players at all levels practice well within their comfort level.