se define inicialmente la línea de Hilgenreiner “H”, que se traza a través de los cartílagos triradiados; la línea de Perkins “P” es dibujada perpendicular a la H. The triradiate cartilage (in Latin cartilago ypsiloformis) is the ‘Y’-shaped epiphyseal plate of the pelvis with both Perkin’s line and Hilgenreiner’s line can help establish a diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip. iliopubic eminence / iliopectineal line · linea terminalis · ischiopubic ramus / pubic arch; Foramina. Los movimientos que puede realizar la articulación coxofermoral son: Flexión: º; Extensión: 30º; Abducción: 45º; Aducción: 30º; Rotación.

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De knoppen zijn een beetje lager. Post to Citeulike Philosophical or transcendental anatomy was a corner stone in the different visions of science which developed in the first half of the XIXth century. Microsurgical anatomy of the abducens nerve Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy An anatomic study of the lateral extraosseous and intraosseous arterial supply of the calcaneus and the lateral soft tissue was carried out on 10 fresh lower adult cadaver legs using different anatomic and radiologic procedures plastination, modified Spalteholz clearing technique, digital subtraction and rotational angiography and computed tomographic angiography.

Porous-coated acetabular components can provide long-term biologic fixation to bone. Conclusion The surgeon must always be aware of this anomaly and carefully verify the normal anatomical structures before dividing them while performing an upper or lower lobectomy. Material The current study examined a large series hilgenrsiner prostate magnetic resonance imaging scans MRIs. The aim of this study was to determine the hiilgenreiner of sole skin. Contact facets which were covered with articular cartilage were very small and located in the anterior half of the tibiofibular contact line.

We retrospectively enrolled consecutive patients who underwent esophagectomy with gastric tube reconstruction.

linea de hilgenreiner pdf

She was referred for evaluation of the aeration status of the sphenoid sinus and related nasal structures before endoscopic transsphenoidal hypophysectomy for pituitary microadenoma. Orbital height and width were significantly greater in males Conversely, this case shows 3D tomographic reconstruction images of genial tubercles as an oversized projection causing pain and discomfort to the patient.


The level of the SCG was determined based on the vertebrae. One pancreas ed was detected in the study group. The Medial humero-ulnar compartment was less stressed than the lateral compartment. In all three cups the stress in the bony socket increased from lines towards medial. The cut-off value of extensor tendon width in the extended EPB group was 7.

Three techniques were compared to determine femoral head centre FHC location: In and we reimplanted total hip replacements. The anteroposterior distance, which was parallel to the midline, between the penetration site and foveola palatina was measured.

Lower limbs of 18 formalin fixed cadavers were examined.

DISPLASIA DE CADERA by Anderson Maya on Prezi

We report 5 cases of severe failure of the polyethylene liner at 4 to 7. The position of the aorta in relation to the apical vertebra of the scoliotic patients and the corresponding vertebra of the normal subjects was determined at the horizontal plane.

Results were statistically analysed to look for evidence of gender variation or laterality before comparison with those from other ethnicities. Anatomical basis of latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap: SHPVs were minutely dissected in 30 adult cadaveric livers. In an attempt to elucidate the causes of occlusion of radial arteries used for coronary artery bypass grafts and to improve the results of these procedures, we studied the biometry and histology of the coronary, radial and left internal thoracic arteries.

A possible embryologic explanation of these variations is proposed. Development of ossification in the vertical semicircular canals: The distances between the exit points and boundaries of the suprapatellar bursa at three different degrees of knee flexion were measured.

Wear of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene acetabular cups in hip prostheses produces billions of submicrometer wear particles annually that can cause osteolysis and loosening of the components. Comparative in-vitro study with polyethylene and ceramic liners. Initial stability of modular acetabular components.

Bifid mandibular canals were observed in The relations of the intrinsic fibrous structure of the muscle and its innervation were studied. Modular acetabular components with alumina ceramic liners are currently used in total hip arthroplasty, but concerns have emerged regarding their high stiffness, which could cause impairment of stability, stress-shielding phenomena, and loosening.


Total hip replacements with a metal-on-metal articulation were commonly used until the mids; most were then abandoned in favor of hip replacement with a metal-on-polyethylene articulation. Inloggen via een sociaal netwerk: In most studies, some structures in the hard tissue have been measured and statistically analyzed.

J Arthroplasty Dec;14 8: Results One pancreas divisum was detected in the study group. Methods This study enrolled consecutive outpatients, who underwent 3. The inferior part of the junction between the palatal processes is the last part of the suture to be obliterated.

In our group of patients with aseptic loosening of the acetabular cup with a preserved acetabular bone stock without segmental defects we hilgenreinef for the revision surgery a Spotorno CLS cementless cup. J Arthroplasty Aug;14 5: Course evaluations have been positive and students specifically note how these courses allow them the opportunity to integrate hilgenreinner anatomical knowledge into clinical contexts.

Results Myelinated and sensory fibres were detected at the inferior hypogastric plexus IHP level. The 18 patients who underwent transcatheter oily chemoembolization TOCE of dr tumors via the right or left hepatic artery, were examined with an immediate postembolization CT scan.

Aging of elastic arteries is ihlgenreiner observed between the ages of 20 and 29 years and is characterized by loss of one or several elastic laminae of the hulgenreiner and more marked intimal thickening, over a variable length.

These morphologic elements represent a basis for study of tubal physiology and for planning treatment in dysfunctions of the auditory tube.