Loi n° 15/ du 1eraoût portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme . des listes électorales dans les conditions prévues par la Loi électorale. PACEC: Projet d’appui au processus électoral en RDC .. o La loi n°15/ du 12 février , valant loi électorale, modifiant et. 28 juil. Conformément à l’article de la loi électorale en vigueur en , la caution était payée par liste et non par siège au montant de FC.

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A return to custody appears unlikely, and even were that to happen and Bemba to serve the maximum sentence, electotale would be out in time to participate in the electoral campaign, which starts 22 November For a recent example in Chad, cf.

Any attempt by the president to extend his tenure would likely provoke a major political crisis.

Présidence de la République Démocratique du Congo | Portail officiel

Moreover several provinces saw demands to extend it and the opposition has denounced irregularities. Thus, as inthe Supreme Court of Justice will settle electoral disputes. Later the same year, the court also convicted him of witness tampering. That could change if they rally around Bemba.

But even if Kabila stands down and opposition candidates contest the vote, serious risks would remain, particularly given that such a vote would open up real competition. If Kabila stands aside and prospects of a genuine contest for power improve, credible polls and commitments by contenders to avoid inflammatory campaign language and pursue post-election grievances peacefully will be critical. In MarchBemba was convicted by the ICC and sentenced to eighteen years in prison on two counts of crimes against humanity and three counts of war crimes.


On this important point, the recommendations of the European Union have not been heeded by the Congolese legislature.

The court thus called a status conference in his case on 12 June, and provisionally released him until his final sentence is decided on 4 July As provincial and senatorial elections were not held inBemba remains a senator and as such enjoys parliamentary immunity as well as freedom of movement.

How to Get U.

Enrôlement des Congolais de l’étranger : Corneille Nangaa attendu à l’Assemblée nationale

Hide Footnote — and, in some cases, of losing their seats — deputies rejected the proposed bill on 11 May with votes, against only 23 who favoured the bill and 12 who abstained. Hide Footnote rumours that the proposed electoral law would seek to exclude certain candidates on the basis of their age, residency or tax returns were persistent. Reversing a Dangerous Decision.

Several senior members have left to join either the government or other opposition parties. Outside powers should keep pressing Kabila to stand down and allow opposition candidates to participate.

In districts where no one list attains an absolute majority, proportional representation would be retained, with lists receiving seats based on their vote totals. And, last but not least, is Kabila willing to cede power and rsc contest the vote? On 4 Julya memorandum by the opposition rd UDPS complaining of voter registration irregularities gave rise to the first clash between police and protesters in Kinshasa.

International actors need to maintain pressure for elections at the end of without Kabila. He remained politically active in detention, as far as the conditions of his custody would allow, and it seems very likely that he will seek a political comeback.

Coalition building is important for parliamentary and provincial elections as parties will have to meet the respective electoral thresholds they need 1 per cent of votes nationwide to qualify for parliamentary seats and 3 per cent of provincial votes for provincial council seats. Hide Footnote Education criteria were also introduced for all candidates and coupled with criteria for experience.


After the Pretoria power-sharing agreement, he became, in July rrdc, one of four vice presidents in the transitional government. Its Article modified the current system of proportional representation.

Hide Footnote As inthe diaspora has not been enfranchised. For President Kabila, whose attempts to retain power face stiff domestic and international opposition — or for a successor Kabila anoints — Bemba represents a threat. Another close Katumbi ally, former rebel leader Mbusa Nyamwisi, also has a difficult past with Bemba — they were on opposing sides in a bloody rlectorale in the north east in and Why does it matter?

Hide Footnote imposing significantly elecforale restrictive financial barriers on eligibility. Although rejecting major changes, the legislature nevertheless introduced several ekectorale to the new electoral law:.

Under the de facto leadership of Senate President Kengo wa Dondo these forces thus far have failed to challenge Kabila. The ruling party expected the legislature to take only a few days to rubber stamp its changes, but instead parliamentarians spent three months over the bill, during ellectorale they amended it extensively. Bemba found refuge at the Electoralle African embassy and negotiated his departure to exile in Portugal in April.

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