Loi n° 15/ du 1eraoût portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme . des listes électorales dans les conditions prévues par la Loi électorale. PACEC: Projet d’appui au processus électoral en RDC .. o La loi n°15/ du 12 février , valant loi électorale, modifiant et. 28 juil. Conformément à l’article de la loi électorale en vigueur en , la caution était payée par liste et non par siège au montant de FC.

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Nevertheless, the non-realization of parity between men and women and the non-presence of those living with a handicap shall not be a motive for the inadmissibility of a list. In doing so it demonstrated that the executive could not simply trump its interests. Related Tags Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hide Footnote As inthe diaspora has not been enfranchised. The government may even be tempted to stimulate further communal tensions in the provinces to prise apart opposition candidates and make alliance building harder.

RDC: le projet de loi électorale enfin voté | Radio Okapi

Coalition building is important for parliamentary and provincial elections as parties will have to meet the respective electoral thresholds they need 1 per cent of votes nationwide to qualify for parliamentary seats and 3 per cent of provincial votes for provincial council seats. Numbers cited from Thierry Coosemans, Radioscopie des urnes congolaises, Paris, Later the same year, the court also convicted him of witness tampering.

Such an electoral disposition would have obstructed independents 63 were elected ineliminated some smaller parties from national representation 56 parties currently have less than 5 seats, including 31 with only 1 seat and, as such, would have put an end to the necessity of political alliances which has dominated parliamentary life during this legislature.

Moreover several provinces saw demands to extend it and the opposition has denounced irregularities. Managers of combined companies state and private are, however, permitted to run. In MarchBemba was convicted by the ICC and sentenced to eighteen years in prison on two counts of crimes against humanity and three counts of war crimes.

Media and Elections

They fear that people from the west could take revenge on the Swahili speakers from the east, associated with the Kabila regime since The stated objective of this transformation was to assure that the PPRD possessed a majority representation in the heart of the PM, as well as in any future government by reducing the number of alliances with minority parties in the heart of the coalition.


Who is Jean-Pierre Bemba? In short, there are multiple possibilities countrywide for unscrupulous politicians to play communities against one another. On this important point, the recommendations of the European Union have not been heeded by the Congolese legislature. Hide Footnote As in some other African countries, [fn] From South Africa to Chad, attempts at politicizing traditional chieftains by political powers are numerous.

Journal Officiel de la RDC

For President Kabila, whose attempts to retain power face stiff domestic and international opposition — or for a successor Kabila anoints — Bemba represents a threat. During his imprisonment in The Hague, Bemba remained president of the MLC and senator, and even hoped to run in the presidential election.

Review our privacy policy for more details. After the Pretoria power-sharing agreement, he became, in Julyone of four vice presidents in the transitional government. Hide Footnote imposing significantly more restrictive financial barriers on eligibility. He has a functioning but divided party and lacks the resources to wage a nationwide campaign. Hide Footnote Crucially, voter registration influences the political weight rsc provinces, given that the number of seats per province is determined by their numbers of voters.

But even if Kabila stands down and opposition candidates contest the vote, serious risks would remain, particularly given that such a vote would open up real competition. Bemba has the profile to contest the presidency. That could change if they rally rcd Bemba. According to the existing voting system for the lower house, deputies are elected by proportional representation with open lists from districts, which each elect between one and ,oi deputies depending on their number of registered voters.

Although rejecting major changes, the legislature nevertheless introduced several innovations to the new electoral law:. In an attempt to prevent the use of state resources for campaigns, parliamentarians retained the prohibition of the managers of public companies and civil servants competing as candidates.

Any attempt by the president to extend his tenure would likely provoke a major political crisis. The modifications intended by the ruling party this time sought to shift rules for the election of deputies, which in many cases may have affected their re-election.

He scored strongly in the west, north, Kasai and Kinshasa. If the vote is any guide, Bemba could expect to gather strong support in main urban areas — in particular Kinshasa — as well as in his home turf in the north-western former Equateur province which was divided in into five provinces: He remained politically active in detention, as far as the conditions of his custody would allow, and it seems very likely that he will seek a political comeback. In districts where no one list attains an absolute majority, proportional representation would be retained, with lists receiving seats based rrc their vote totals.


Parliamentary Resistance The ruling party expected the legislature to take elcetorale a few days to rubber stamp its changes, but instead parliamentarians spent three months over the bill, during which they amended it extensively.

Despite his acquittal, Bemba was not immediately freed because he is still awaiting final sentence in the separate case in which he was found guilty of influencing witnesses in relation to the principal case. How to Get U. Chiefs can no longer undertake two consecutive mandates and cannot belong to provincial assemblies if they are already members of political parties.

Enrôlement des Congolais de l’étranger : Corneille Nangaa attendu à l’Assemblée nationale

The Next High-risk Area? As influential opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi and his party, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress UPDSboycotted the elections, Bemba was the uncontested candidate of the west as Kabila dominated in the east.

Several senior members have left to join either the government or other opposition parties. That said, a more competitive contest could also prove a flashpoint for violence and will make it all the more important that Congolese citizens and politicians regard the vote as credible. For a recent example in Chad, cf.

On the other hand, some regional leaders may regard Bemba warily, given his mixed record in the region. Although rejecting major changes, the legislature nevertheless introduced several innovations to electrale new electoral law: Hide Footnote Kinshasa is currently a bastion of the opposition, but this new division would have created several districts in the capital favouring the ruling party or its allies.

But shorn of its figurehead, his party haemorrhaged support, losing 42 of its 64 seats in parliament in the electoralr.