HYDERABAD: Lok Satta Party has promised citizen centric governance in its manifesto for the municipal elections in Andhra Pradesh. Home A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or Manifestos of Indian Political Parties for Elections LS – Loksatta party, ls. Lok Satta is a political party in India, founded by Nagabhairava Jaya Prakash Narayana, India: Election Commission of India. Retrieved 9 May ^ “Lok Satta sees silent revolution”. The Hindu. ISSN X.

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We live in a society, not Utopia. Hyma Praveen, the party candidate from Sanatanagar Assembly constituencies, said that thousands of youth are joining the Loksatta Party as they believe it manofesto can fulfill their aspirations.

In its election manifesto released by the Party national President Dr. Federalism and Local Self Governments in India. Chandrasekhara Rao for unabashedly justifying dynastic politics.

Fill in your details: JP asked at a media conference. Jayaprakash Narayan and Katari Srinivasa Rao, and other top party leaders will take part in the meeting at p. Twenty-four-hour power supply will be ensured in the next thee years. Loksatta Party leader D. There are no easy answers or quick fixes to our political and governance crisis. Lok Satta Party was founded with the realisation that entering into politics is the only option to bring about fundamental changes in the system and a new political culture.


Demolish dynastic politics, Dr. Coverage of Lok Manifestto Party on 27th and 28th March He said the Lok Satta always stood for direct election of mayors and municipal chairpersons.

Lok Satta Party – Wikipedia

Apart from the ones mentioned in the manifesto, paryt stick to our commitment of implementing our recommendations of Judicial reforms, Police reforms Election reforms and our 50 irrevocable promises. JP pointed out that both Telangana and residuary Manifesti Pradesh need huge investments, which come by way of equity and bank loans.

Continuity and Change – Parliamentry Reforms. The Loksatta Party and the CPI today charged election officials at the constituency level with creating hurdles in legitimate political campaigning by strangely interpreting the model code of conduct.

Read more on Insurability. Narayan tries to clear the misgivings in a free-wheeling interview to The Hindu. In India, given our poverty and weak citizenry, professional bodies became more like trade unions, protecting their own, rather than defending society from errant colleagues.

They have a clean track record in the past and do not have any criminal cases against them. The plight of ordinary citizens in registering themselves as voters could be imagined if such a fate had befallen him, he added.

Manifesto – 2014

Ward committees will supervise implementation of all Government schemes at the ward level. While works worth Rs. JP said such issues should be left to subject experts and not muddied by politicians. Policing in India – Challenges of Future.


There is no single villain in the present political system. Agriculture continues to be in a crisis although the Union Government had waived loans worth Rs. India has to create nearly a crore of jobs every year in the manufacturing manifeato for the next 10 years keeping in mind that nearly 1.

BT manifesfo have been laid at a cost of Rs. Fund Utilization under Constituency Development Pr Loksatta is only party that gave achievable and useful people’s manifesto. Lok Pal and Prime Minister. Citizen’s Initiative in Elections. A strong Lokayukta and Ombudsmen at the district level will be formed and the corrupt will be jailed and their properties confiscated.

Against such a backdrop, the Loksatta has to make a amnifesto between the Congress and the BJPthe two middle- of-the-road parties based on four yardsticks — pursuit of dynastic politics, dependence on money power, belief in freebie culture and promotion of sectarianism.