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If aliens malangs and have an ultra-advanced technologyit would compromise the stability of the Governments, the effectiveness of the Military, the consolidated theories of our modern science and also religions would lose their authority and influence over the masses.

These particular dreams are connected to the experience of alien matrix, but the eventual positive answer must not be interpreted as if the subject has really dreamed the thing that he says, or associate it to the group of people possibly under the abduction risk. But, according to professor Malanga, when a study disrupts the most basic assumptions of official Science, it’s discredited and left to a few courageous researchers, who risk their academic career and become constantly mocked and ridiculed for their research.

Thank you so much! Heresy in modern Science Today there is no Roman Inquisition, and Science should be democratic and open to every kind of theory and study, if the tests and researches are done correctly and using the experimental, double-blind method.

Adapting to the new age vision and the consequent interpretation, the protagonist of the dream manifests all his capacity of living the authentic essence of oniric experience. When we met, the Chemistry Faculty was in an old s-building and his office was in a semi-underground basement in Risorgimento road, Pisa, near the Leaning Tower.

Actually the representation of water is intimately related to the relation between the mi nd and space-time. Have you ever dreamed this or that particularity? Actually in the test that I propose to the possible abductee, I ask the following in order to identify with assurance the reality of experience: The sensation, exactly the sum of the emotions produced by the soccer ball while dreaming, exists cause of the archetypes that have generated it, cause the sensation is produced even before the symbolism.


It is important to start from this observation, cause if all these are true, then we have a possibility to comprehend the significance of the dream world and its imaginary, knowing that there is a lmost nothing to imagine, but behind the image there is hidden the archetype that has produced it. If you don’t know, the University of Pisa is one of the oldest in the whole Europe, and was founded back in Once he understands it, he also feels that he cannot slow down, otherwise his pursuer would reach him, but he cannot let it be.


Then, I realized that, even if I used a rigorous scientific method to come to my conclusions, they were not interested in such topic, because it would totally disrupt any scientific theory and certainty.

The dream of the abductee. The same University of Pisa where Galileo Galileithe prototype of the Heretic Scientistenrolled for a medical degree in and where he became Mathematics teacher in However the corridor was circular and he had an impression of re-passing always by the same place. One of abductees has dreamed to be in a circular corridor; he was nude and was running, running non-stop.

Actually, as easily you may note, the mechanism behind this interpretation makes appear the alien as the saviour of the elected ones and the punisher of the rejected ones, tempts to reduce the dream into an icon inspired by a religiosity of occidental Catholicism type. The big wave is lived as a very high, giant, insuperable wall, the barrier that moves towards the observer.

So the dream, does not represent the arrival of the aliens, but indicates the profound state of inadequacy of the modern humans in front of the globalization wanted by the governors, which are considered as a dishonest and incompetent by the human unconscious.

Corrado Malanga – Cine este suflet se recunoaste () – video dailymotion

The fourth element – the one that is not related to the catastrophic dreams – is an air. At the beginning, I was anxious to gather enough data about the UFO phenomenon, to show it to the Scientific Community.


The soul is represented by itself and malanya is immortal, so there is no soul that can create its death. Here there malahga no attendance for death, cause there will be a new life and new renaissance: It is impossible to reborn without dying before. Inside of them, always more frequently, they feel that something is wrong and that something appears relatable to the values that themselves attribute to the life and the daily actions.

Trovi una conferenza molto interessante sulla PNL fatta da Malanga su youtube dura 5 ore e mezza! The earth appears related to the symbolism of burial malangs rain of meteoritesso the death of body. I met Corrado inwhen he was still quite unknown to the public.

During that dream there is no fear of suffering, but the fear of leaving the life. A friend of mine, Biology student at the University of Pisa, told me about this unconventional teacher and also said that he was quite criticized by his University colleagues for his studies about UFOs.

Rapimenti Alieni ( Corrado Malanga ) – PARTE 2

As I said before, the vision represents almost the last passage the ;nl one is a phoneme and is enough far pnp the significance of the departure. I will publish other posts about the professor, stay tuned: The emotions experienced during the dream may be various up to the person, but it is based on the idea that there is nothing else to do, the wave is going to crash everything and everybody around.

Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. All these are seen negatively and here is the unconscious that tries to interpret the wave as something that represents the common impacts falling on everybody.

The pnp come out usually from events happened during day, almost always during the last24 hrs.