by Manju Kapur. An unforgettable novel about what happens when a marriage collapses. Shagun is a woman of unassailable social standing, married to a man . Custody has ratings and 72 reviews. Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn. A marriage preceded or fractured by a heady, socially unacceptable romance has emerged time and again in Manju Kapur’s fiction.

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Each character is weaved so brilliantly that you will have empathy towards each of them.

It is a monumental achievement. Judgemental In a country filled with people who love judging others and telling others how to live, Kapur rails against such actions. The issu ssue of woman’s oppression has been controversia sial all over the world. Jan 13, Fab Librarian rated it liked it. What does it mean to be a mother?

Being a fan of the show inspired by this book I was excited and looking forward to this one and hence had decided to pick it up at leisure only for my expectations to go kaput.

Manju Kapur – Wikipedia

As a woman, having taught at a college for women and having three daughters, Kapur says she is privy to so many stories that involve women.

Her novel el Custody was set in the surge of foreign gn investment. She finally fi decides to go for divorce. She is drawn to the divorced Raman and the temptation of familial fulfilment, which has so far evaded her. M anju Kapur’s fifth novel — following previously acclaimed works such as Difficult Daughters and The Immigrant — is largely set in the thriving, upper-middle-class colonies of Delhi in the mids, against the backdrop of the initial surge of foreign investment in India.

The novel can be term rmed as a legal drama of the Indian society. Here the children become the materia rial stakes. Be it the distraught Raman who is caught by surprise at his wife’s extra-marital affair, Shagun- the dissatisfied wife who is ready to give up her children for her flamboyant lover Ashokthe childless Ishita who is struggling with the taboo of infertility, the rebellioius Arjun who struggles to come to terms with his parents’ separation and the little Ruhi longing for a mother’s love.


Ishita, a childless divorcee steps into the role of Ruhi’s step-mom and the author has captured the nuances of the complex relationship that both Ishita and Ruhi develop. Iff yyou live here, you pay the emotional price.

But of course if the parents were not wise enough to have counselling before the break up then, the likelihood of it happening afterwards is nigh impossible.

As expected, the demands for a grandchild custoddy upon the young couple. Kapurr lays bare the force of extramarital affair w which can break up the very foundation manuu a solid lid married life. She analyses the predicament of women in the he conventional patriarchal society wherein in their psyche is disturbed causing maritall discord.

Kapur’s women characters are bold enough too face f the cruel and slow turns of Indian judi diciary and the way it functions. Nov 04, Jayant rated it liked it. But is that simply because I come from the West, a custdy family and now live in the East? If you want something easy to read, a summary of some Eastern principles when it comes to marriage, then it’s worth a look, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. Return to Book Page. Kapur presents him to us with empathy and meticulous attention to detail.

This one was clearly not for me as I couldn’t connect to any of the characters otherwise familiar to me. She feels she has succeeded if her readers have an emotional response to her characters. The obsession with ensuring a lady is married and settled, as a yardstick to measure her happiness which filters down to parental coercion and feeling of low self-esteem. Shagun wants to come out of the th protective environment of the peacefull ffamily set up. Read it but be ready to cry.

Manju Kapur’s novel els are set in the context of some important nt historical or political events.

Manju Kapur

Refresh and try again. This story shows all that is wrong with so many Eastern cultures when it comes to cultural pressures from the wider community, from the expectations forced upon both the man and the woman. I was drawn into the story and finished it almost in prolonged sittings, otherwise I would be obsessed by the characters and find it difficult to concentrate in my day to day life.


This story dealt with the trauma of divorce: Apr 10, Meneesha Govender rated it really liked it Shelves: The Manju Kapoor novel must have been very difficult to write. Hence, in Custody, Raman and his experience of the divorce and custody battle as well as his deep love for his children. But the novel goess a step further describing the life amnju wom men, struggle for their custosy rights, quest for or identity and survival.

Manju Kapur is the author of four novels. No trivia or quizzes yet. Characters remind us of stereotypes characters but author’s balanced approach help us see various angles of the same stereo types.

Good story with griping and perfect page turner i take hardly two days for finish this book. Another strong point of Kapur’s narrative is that she neither idolises nor vilifies any of the characters- leaving the kapyr free to choose sides or more realistically come to the conclusion that human nature is necessarily coloured in shades of grey.

A very realistic and honest portayal of people trying to secure what the heart wants. She, being a mother, a wife and at the sam ame time a lover, is in dilemma and in constantt conflict c but as the affair becomes passionate ate and fiery, Shagun has no regrets in lying to Raman Ra and her mother. Story revolved around the theme of ” Custody ” as well as perfectly suitable for title of this book.

Manju Kapur writes with honesty and emotion in her novel “Custody”, a heart-wrenching tale of infidelity,divorce and broken hearts.