Confesiones de una máscara [Yukio Mishima] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 19 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda. Find Confesiones De Una Mascara by Mishima, Yukio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Confessions of a Mask is Japanese author Yukio Mishima’s second novel. First published in , it launched him to national fame though he was only in his.

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Sebastian and he develops a strong attraction to mascaraa boy named Omi. Sebastian, martyred, with his hands bound and his naked torso pierced by arrows, or becoming aroused by the sight of the muscular nightsoil man walking throug Confessions of a Mask rocketed Yukio Mishima to the literary prominence he so desperately sought as a struggling modern writer.

There are vague ideas about platonic love throughout, especially when Mishima attempted to “love” women. His crossed hands were raised high, and the thongs binding his wrists were tied to the tree.

Still, it’s all mannered and slow and reflective and all the un-viscerally-exciting things you’d well, I’d expect from the time period and from such confessiones complicated obsession with decorum. It creates a picture of a person who lives entirely in his own head, and attributes modes of thinking that one wouldn’t normally associate with, say, a twelve-year old. For the early memories “recounted” here, those of a child three or four years old, are clearly imbued with the erotic sensibility of an experienced adult.

View all 23 comments. He confeziones just too young. Quotes from Confesiones de un So a problematic but fascinating novel, especially for those interested in the issues gays have historically faced when negotiating the straight world.

Like many gay kids, especially in the pre-internet era, Kochan believes that he is unique. At times, death becomes the ultimate escapism; a respite to his chaotic predicaments and then there are moments when the thought of death compels him Kochan to ponder on the possibilities of an honorable life.

View all 6 comments. The perfect male physique mishi,a with the gashes and wounds of the arrows i It is crazy to think that next year we will be celebrating Confessions of a Mask ‘s 70th birthday.


Born and raised amid wars, taught in millitary schools.

Yukio mishima confesiones de una mascara

I do long for an alternate translation. Why his ‘degree’ of homosexuality so fascinates his fans is ever a mystery to me. The nearly sixty years in difference between then and now may have something to do with it, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in academia, it’s that the universe would rather make one cry than cater to any sort of linearity.

I’ve read quite a bit on Yukio Mishima and he seems to have been an interesting,intelligent and complex character. Confessions of a Mask takes us to some dark places. Confesiones de Una Mascara His ideal was ‘bunbu ryodo’, the way of the confdsiones and the sword. Talk about subconscious priorities. In fact nearly all major coming-of-age queer confrsiones seem to eventually trace their genealogy back to Kochan. The publisher’s page quotes a passage unz Dostoevski’s The Brothers Karamazov: But directions for its use were nowhere written, and so, when the toy took the initiative in wanting to play with me, my bewilderment was inevitable.

The book poignantly describes in detail his attraction to other men, in particular the philistine types, unlike the educated Mishima. His constant efforts at denials and pretending to be a straight person is one of the two themes of novel. Not the kind of fear if you aren’t afraid of heights you aren’t gonna get stuff. When Kochan happens upon a reproduction of Reni’s Saint Sebastian in a book he is immediately drawn to the overt homoeroticism of the work.

Believe me, most men find their beauty in Sodom. The kissing off airplane arrival fanfare no photos of The Beatles stepping into adoring American crowds for the first time.

Confesiones De Una Máscara Mishima Yukio | eBay

We know what he did with the ‘sword’ – here is what he could do with the pen: A homosexual in Japan may not be as willing to kick down the closet door as his or her American counterparts, but the abject horror of being utterly rejected by society is probably much less than it was. In Seppukua suicide ritual also exercised by the author himself; the samurais embellished their faces with subtle make-up before succumbing to the self-inserted sword.

God and the Devil are fighting there, and their battlefield is the heart of man. A world where rape, incest is placed on a identical immoral dais as homosexuality is certainly a malignant society. Whether or not Mishima was actually gay is, it seems, debatable. So while I am vaguely curious how his Japanese readership reacted to knowing which gender he turned his affections to, I’m even more so when it comes to what in essence amounts to his sadomasochism and worship of death.


And his attempts to become “normal” end with nothing by emptiness and sorrow. Death being the only rescue. This next part reminded me of me too much.

Confesiones De Una Mascara

The idea of being a stranger in a crude savage land seemed more plausible for an unflustered life. Granted, the only works that I have read of this very prolific author are this and Kinkakujibut I’m seeing a pattern already, and it doesn’t point towards Mishima being a cheerful, laid-back guy. I look forward to reading more of his works.

The narrative turns, in time, raucously masochistic, and this is precisely where I leave his company for my errands. Anyway, this has a lot more going for it than simple we’re-here-we’re-queer-get-used-to-it dynamics, but I’m still getting used to the idea of being a member instead of an ally, so I found this surprisingly helpful on a personal level.

Why demean the animals when we bestow the same courtesy to our fellow members? The decorated mask-like clnfesiones being a significant representation of this ancient Japanese art. I know he was aching because he said he was. What’s still more awful is that the man with the ideal of Sodom in his soul does not renounce the ideal of the Madonna, and in the bottom of his heart he may still be on fire, sincerely with fire, with longing for the beautiful mascaara, just as in the days of his youthful innocence.

And also there’s the desire to control beauty – and the strongest power over beauty, like life, is to destroy it.

Suddenly it burst forth, bringing with it a blinding intoxication.