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It also has adventure sites and back-stories for various cults. The Libris Mortis, 5th Edition Alright, I was kind of hoping for some feedback on those feats first, but I may as well talk about the spells I’m wanting to convert.

Undead you bind with this spell are fanatically loyal to you and, at your DM’s discretion, you can command them to perform tasks outside of combat that do not require joining you on your adventures. V, S, M a corpse or bone pile to be animated. Personally, I’d love to see morfis for a non-summoner necromancer wherever this goes; controlling corpses is the easiest part of necromancy to break, but there’s a lot more to be had in the fleshmines than “oh, lbiris I ,ortis a swarm of walking dead things to kill stuff for me”.

The Libris Mortis, 5th Edition I’m not much for undead myself – I spent my middle school years terrified of zombies – but I love the other aspects of death magic. Cartography was provided by Dennis Kauth, with the cover designed by Tom Kidd.

Libris Mortis – D&D Wiki

You may only have a number of servitors at one time equal to your Charisma modifier. I prefer t2 over anything else, because t2 lets you become anything. The Libris Mortis, 5th Edition.


The biggest trouble is keeping the Undead selection from breaking the game by overloading the DPR with large numbers of minions. What about causing a heart attack, or making somebody puke up their own entrails?

So if you cast this spell twice at level 1, if the second casting would cause you to control more than 2 hit dice worth of undead, you would lose control of all of undead controlled with this spell past that limit.

Libris Mortis – Wikipedia

Now, the “numerical variant” approach to spells is gone in 5e; you just cast a default spell and use higher spell slots to boost it up. I really like the ideas that you have thus far, there is only one major issue that I see at the moment, Apnea is way to powerful, if they don’t pass their first two saves, they are as good as dead, because at that point they have disadvantage on saving throws, and at their 6th exhaustion level they drop dead, thus with a 1st level spell you can kill anything in 6 rounds, that is way too powerful.

Ways of making undead more unique. I made librus guy the protagonist of a novel I started.

Libris Mortis included content from older books, such as Tome and Blood and the Book of Vile Darknessthat had d&f reworked. Regardless, I think what’s in the book is far more important that what name is attached to it.

Instantaneous You touch a single medium humanoid corpse or bone pile and give it a full semblance of life. Something like Control Undead as a separate spell nortis a casting time not practical in combat, but allowing omrtis to keep control of fairly large groups of Undead and being able to control powerful Undead, using the hit-dice based limit of 3.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Also note our banned subjects list. Once given an order, the creature continues to follow it until its task is complete. No idea if it is balanced but it can be found here: Inspiration for the book’s content came from numerous ilbris. For me, well, that School is undoubtedly Necromancy with Evocation close behind.

What do you folks modtis Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Originally Posted by Outliar. However, you cannot have undead bound to your service join you on adventures unless you take direct control of them through other means Such as the Command Undead spell or the Control Undead feature of the School of Necromancy Arcane Tradition.

You can handle corporeal objects even while incorporeal. It essentially was what 5e dubs a Concentration spell, allowing you to animate a single zombie or skeleton at a time by devoting all your actions to it, essentially controlling it instead of your wizard.

A Lawful Good Mogtis Cleric 3. Retrieved from ” https: I’ve got a Warlock archetype which can be found at the link below that I’d appreciate some balance help with. D20 System Reference Document. The Book of Undead. You can turn or rebuke greater numbers of undead with Your hollow cry strikes fear into the hearts of the I also have a few more spells I may throw into the mix eventually, once I get to writing them down. The Ravenloft version is called Army of Darkness and v&d a day to cast, whilst the Libris Mortis one is dubbed Plague of Undeath and only takes an action.