This industry-focused introduction to the CATIA V5 FEA toolset takes users from first principles through a range of real-world examples. The course starts with. This industry focused introduction to the CATIA V5 FEA toolset takes users from first principles through a range of real-world examples. The course starts with. Open the CATIA Analysis and simulation -> General Structural As soon as you enter the Generative Structural Analysis workbench, the part is.

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These specifications are then automatically incorporated into the underlying finite element model, meaning that users do not have to work directly with the finite element model. The latter is particularly useful to determine if the loading would cause yielding of the material and permanent deformation of the part. However, more experienced users generaitve control the meshing algorithm, allowing the trade-off between computational time and the quality of the results to be optimized.

The color and the length of arrows represent the size of the displacement.

My Distributed force is N. Report generation Standard reports can be automatically generated in HTML format, providing clear and detailed information about the results of the analysis, including images associated with the computations. It takes full advantage of the additional memory available in 64 bit computers and will run in parallel on multi-core computers allowing the solution of very large models.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Generative Part Structural Analysis GPS allows designers to understand how their designs behave and to accurately calculate the displacements and stresses within the part under a variety of loading conditions.

Individual parts consisting of solid, surface and wireframe geometries can be analyzed under a variety of loading conditions. Provides rapid and accurate assessment of stress, displacement, and vibration characteristics.

CATIA V5 Generative Structural Analysis (FEA) Training

Analyses can be performed on volume parts, surface parts and wireframe geometries. The color legend indicates a maximum displacement of 0.


The course starts with single part analysis via the GPS workbench then continues onto assembly analysis GAS workbenchintroducing the required functions and essential methods that are key to building representative models and avoiding common mistakes.

In FEA, loads refer to forces.

Users can also switch between linear and quadratic elements and create, modify, and remove elements directly. Controlled accuracy Normally, GPS automatically creates a finite element mesh and adapts the mesh to ensure that the results are accurate with little or no user input. The course includes a mixture of presentation and tutorial, enabling students to gain hands-on experience.

I have some more points regarding the mesh size. Allows designers to more accurately size parts and understand the mechanical behavior of their designs.

Seamless analysis data management within PLM. Interactive interpretation of results GPS provides a number of ways for a designer to understand the behavior of their design. Depending generztive customer requirements, the functions of the Elfini EST fatia can also be covered. The course overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. Your email address will not be published. This means that the boundary conditions cannot be applied to nodes and elements.

To view the deformed shape you have to use the Deformation icon. Tightly integrated with knowledge-based engineering. The boundary conditions can only be applied at the part level. Von Mises Stress is also generativd Image toolbar. The maximum stress is 4. Analysis is performed within catiia CAD environment so the analysis model is fully associative with the CAD geometry and specification.

Now you should apply a material, in my case Steel. It also allows the vibration characteristics of parts to be assessed by calculating the natural frequencies and the associated mode shapes. The default display is in terms of displacement arrows as shown on the right. In the Compute box leave the defaults as All which means everything is computed.


CATIA V5 Generative Structural Analysis

To run the analysis, you need to use the Compute toolbar by selecting the Compute icon. As indicated earlier, a smaller mesh could result in a more accurate solution; however, this cannot be done indiscriminately. Allows structural and modal analysis to be performed on parts at any stage of the design process.

Other products can be combined with GPS to provide additional design analysis capabilities and to provide more advanced analysis and finite element modeling capability appropriate for analysis specialists. The Clamp conditions mean that the displacements in all three directions are zero. In FEA, restrains refer to applying displacement boundary condition which is achieved through the Restraint toolbar.

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Any of the principal stresses or the von Mises stress can be plotted. Knowledge-based technology The knowledge associated with design analyses can be captured and used to perform optimization. The analysis specification is an extension of the design specification and the analysis is performed directly on the design geometry. GPS is ideal for designers who are not experts in finite element analysis.

Keep in mind that the displacements are scaled considerably so that one can observe the deformed shape. The course includes the following topics: The von Misses stress is displayed to the right. As soon as you enter the Generative Structural Analysis workbench, the part is automatically hidden.

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