IEC 61984 PDF

IEC 61984 PDF

IECEE Certification & Testing | IEC Standards | IEC | General Information. The text of document 48B//FDIS, future edition 2 of IEC , prepared by SC This European Standard supersedes EN IEC Ed. Connectors – Safety requirements and tests IEC applies to connectors with rated voltages above 50 V and up to V a.c. and.

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Sulfur dioxide test with general condensation of moisture according to ISO Test flames — Needle-flame test method — Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangement and guidance IEC In case of deviation, the used factor shall be indicated in the technical documentation.

Insulation piercing connections — General requirements, test methods and practical guidance IECSolderless connections — Part 7: For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. The requirement that interlock contacts will make last and break first before any other contact shall be checked.

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For dated references, only the edition cited applies. Principles, requirements and tests IEC It shall be checked that the protective earthing contact will first make and last break relative to any other contact. After the test there shall be no damage; the cable support sleeve shall not be loosened from the body and the insulation shall show no signs of abrasion or of wear and tear.

NOTE The pollution degree strongly influences the rated insulation voltage of a connector. Marking of protective earthing contacts shall apply the symbol or PE. Particular requirements for connecting devices as separate entities with insulation-piercing clamping units IEC 619884 The test duration shall be four days.


The test duration shall be 1 min. Therefore, components shall not be marked with the symbol. NOTE 2 Connectors with non-rewirable terminations e. Besides the termination of the conductor, care shall be 6198 that no damage of the insulation is possible, e. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. Particular requirements for 2 conductors above 35 up to mm included IECProtection of persons and equipment by enclosures — Probes for verification IECProtection against electric shock — Common aspects for installation and equipment ————————— 1 IEC gives the list of tests of the IEC series and the part of IEC corresponding to each test.

DIN VDE 0627 / IEC 61984 Connectors (G serie)

This does not apply to the contact openings lead-in in the mating face: Methods of measuring clearances and creepage distances are given in 6. NOTE The reduction factor for ascertaining the derating curve is 0,8. Ifc it consists of metal, it shall meet one of the following requirements: NOTE For an unenclosed connector, the protection against electric shock is provided eic the enclosure of the equipment in which the connector is mounted, in accordance with the applicable product safety standard.

For the test piston, size 1 shall be used and the test liquid shall be water. Your basket is empty. In the case of contact elements, a mating pair of the intended coupling elements 3.

A9 Mechanical 7b Only free 6. Tests — Test Xb: Test finger accessible shock jec or 50 mm sphere clarification pressed with 20 N against the surfaces as 6.

The specimens shall be engaged and disengaged by means of a device simulating normal operating conditions. No breakdown or flashover shall occur. The protective conductor, if any, shall be loaded with a sufficient current to perform the continuity test.


If these details are to be used forany other purpose than implementation then ifc prior written permission of BSI must beobtained. If the height of the ribs is at least 2 mm the creepage distances may be dimensioned in accordance with one insulating material group level lower.

During the test, no sustained arcing shall occur. Compliance is checked by a polarisation test.

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After the test, the samples shall show no iiec impairing their further use and the entry holes for the plug contacts shall not show any serious damage. Table 8 — Test voltages Rated impulse Test voltages r. This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of acontract. The cable clamp can be made of insulating material or metal.

NOTE See also 6. Tensile and torsion requirements shall lec as specified in 61894 6. According to the agreement with the manufacturer, a printed board can be used for fixing Figure 1b.

This standard may also be used as a guide for connectors with rated current higher than A per pole. For both conductor versions, the wire jumpers shall be produced as short as possible, i. The surface of an unenclosed connector to be incorporated into an equipment or a device shall not be regarded as accessible, unless otherwise claimed by the manufacturer.

The specimens shall be engaged and disengaged by means of a device simulating 619984 insertion and withdrawal. Soldering Amendment 2 IEC